“My head is spinning from trawling kitchen showrooms!”

Kitchens are more than cooking areas, they are social zones where families spend a lot of time interacting and communicating, laptops, tablets and mobile phones are what sit on our worktops these days.

At KITCHEN forte we have a vast amount of experience that we want you to tap into!

We believe each kitchen is very personal to the householder and what the customer wants the customer gets, where we are different is that we are the closest you will get to a handmade kitchen without the silly price tag. We don’t do boxes with frontal’s that look flat pack with all the restriction that comes with it, we create bespoke cabinetry and furniture that is personal to you and your wish list.

Having your dream kitchen should not be full of confusion and frustration, at KITCHEN forte we want you to enjoy the journey as well and be part of creating your wow factor kitchen, we effortlessly remove confusion, doubts and stress, together we can create your dream kitchen and within budget.

Is any of this familiar?

  • Fitters turning up when they want!
  • Different tradesmen having their own agendas!
  • Poor project management! 
  • Contingency solutions! 


Please check out the independent google reviews that our clients are good enough to take the time to write. we are very proud of our achievements and our old fashioned values, at KITCHEN forte we have uncompromising quality at very affordable prices.